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Aquacera NoScale Water Conditioner Systems

Aquacera NoScale Water Conditioner Systems
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Lime scale causes all sorts of problems for homeowners and business people in hard water areas. Not only is it highly destructive to appliances, potentially decreasing the lifespan of boilers, washing machines and dishwashers by several years, but it can also increase their energy consumption dramatically.

1mm of lime scale deposited on a heating element can increase the energy consumption of that appliance by around 10%

NoScale® is a revolutionary type of catalytic water conditioning media which changes the structure of lime scale in the water in order to stop it depositing in pipes and on heating elements. Our installations have proved highly effective, saving our customers money, time and effort from the word “go”.

NoScale® ‐ the benefits of softened water without the disadvantages

Simple to install ‐ Each NoScale® tank is fitted with a simple in/out head and offers plumbing connections from 1” in plastic or copper.

Highly effective ‐ Testing has shown that NoScale® can prevent 99% of lime scale deposition and even reduces lime scale that has already been deposited on heating elements, pipes and fixtures.

Suitable for even very hard water supplies ‐ NoScale® can be used on supplies up to 428 mg/l or 25 grains of calcium hardness (95% of water supplies). Long life and great value ‐ the media should continue to work optimally for 5 years or more, making the cost of ownership very low.

Versatile ‐ NoScale® is suitable for residential and commercial applications and can be used with all types of electrical appliances from water heaters and dishwashers to ice makers and washing machines.

Environmentally friendly:

No Salt. Unlike traditional softeners, NoScale® does not require regenerationwith salt, which will save users hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year, not to mention the hassle of ordering, carrying, and adding heavy bags of salt to their systems on a regular basis.

No wasted water. Unlike traditional softeners, NoScale® does not require backwashing, which can save users thousands of gallons of water per year. As well as the cost saving for those on metered supplies, this water saving combined with the absence of salinated water being flushed into the sewer system has huge environmental benefits.

No Power. Unlike traditional softeners or electronic water conditioners, NoScale® does not require electricity.

Reduced soap/detergent use– as with soft or softened water, water treated with NoScale® requires the use of much less soap than hard water.

Healthy ‐ Unlike traditional softeners, NoScale® does not add sodium in order to replace the lime scale in the water. It is not healthy for humans to consume too much salt and the absence of sodium means that NoScale® is even suitable for those on low sodium diets. In addition, minerals which are beneficial to health remain in the water.

All NoScale® systems include by‐pass valve. Maximum hardness of 25 grains per gallon at specified flow rates.

The medias for each of the above systems is warranted against defects for a period of 5 years from date of purchase to the home owner.

The tank(s) and controls for AquaCera branded products are covered by a 10 year manufacturer warranty to cover defects in materials and workmanship for the time period.

Model Number: FSC6.2

Tank Size(Vortech®): 8"X18"

Pipe Size: 1"

Service Flow: 6 GPM

Floor Space: 11" X 11" X 25"

Model Number: FSC6.3

Tank Size(Vortech®): 7"X35"

Pipe Size: 1"

Service Flow: 8 GPM

Floor Space: 10" X 10" X 42" 

Model Number: FSC8

Tank Size(Vortech®): 8"X44"

Pipe Size: 1"

Service Flow: 10 GPM

Floor Space: 11" X 11" X 51"

Model Number: FSC10

Tank Size(Vortech®): 10"X44"

Pipe Size: 1"

Service Flow: 12 GPM

Floor Space: 13" X 13" X 51"

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