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Aquacera Water Filters

Aquacera Water FiltersIf you are looking for a undersink to hook to your bathroom or kitchen that does not need a separate faucet, the Aquacera EF300 for the bathroom and the EF500 for the kitchen is just what you need. They connect to your cold water line and then to your main existing faucet. No need to drill holes in your countertop and they hookup without permanent alterations to your plumbing. You can find them below

Aquacera HCP Countertop Water Filter with Ceraultra Filter
Aquacera Fluoride Plus Countertop Water Filter
Aquacera NilusPRO Premium Reverse Osmosis System
Aquacera Teros Countertop Ultra-Filtration Water Filter System (Reduces Fluoride)
Aquacera Twin Countertop Fluoride Plus Water Filter System
Aquacera NilusOne Undersink Water Filter (Fluoride Option)
Aquacera EcoFast EF500 Direct Connect Undersink Water Filter for Kitchen
Aquacera EcoFast EF300 Direct Connect Undersink Water Filter for Bathroom
Aquacera Teros 2S Ultra-Filtration Undersink Water Filter
Aquacera Teros 3S Ultra Filtration Undersink Water Filter
Aquacera EcoFast Undersink Water Filter
Aquacera Ecofast Fluoride Plus Undersink Water Filter System
Aquacera EcoFast Inline Refrigerator Fluoride Plus Water Filter
Aquacera AquaVas™ Stoneware Gravity Filter System (Fluoride Reduction)
Aquacera LP5 Gravity Water Filter With Fluoride Option
Aquacera Pioneer SS-4 Gravity Water Filter with Fluoride Option
Aquacera Traveler XL Gravity Water Filter System
Aquacera Excursion Mini Traveler Water Filter
Aquacera MR500 Whole House Water Filter
Aquacera Carbon Whole House Water Filter Systems
Aquacera NoScale Water Conditioner Systems
Aquacera Saltless Water Conditoner For Chlorinated Water
9 Inch CeraCarb Candle For  Aquacera Gravity Filters
Aquacera 5" CeraCarb Replacement Filter
Aquacera CeraMetix Ceramic/Fluoride Filter For Gravity Filters
Aquacera 7" CeraGrav Ceramic Plus Filter for Gravity Filters
Aquacera QuickDrip Gravity Block Filters for Municipal Treated Water
CeraMetix Filter for Aquacera Countertop Fluoride Filters
Aquacera CeraUltra Water Filter for Countertop Water Filters
Aquacera Teros Replacement UF Membrane Filter
Aquacera AquaMetix Block Replacement Filter for Aquacera Filters
Aquacera AquaMetix Replacement Filter for EcoFast Filters
MultiMedia Replacement Filter for Aquacera Systems
Aquacera Imperial OBE CeraMetix Filter for 10 inch Standard Housing

AquaCera Water Filters
A good deal of personal water filter technology was actually developed during the 19th Century in England.  At the time, England had a colonial empire that stretched across most of the earth, and many of the colonies were in very primitive areas.  As waterborne diseases took a toll of administrative personnel and missionaries, a solution had to be found that could address the problem easily and completely.
It was found that a combination of ceramic candles and activated charcoal could remove dangerous pathogens and other contaminants from even the dirtiest water.  AquaCera uses this water filter technology, along with modern upgrades to provide even better quality water to provide you with home water filtration second to none.  To make the charcoal media even more effective, AquaCera now uses only coconut charcoal with its superior filtration qualities.

AquaCera Filters for Every Home Need

 Understanding the needs of consumers for a range of filters for every household situation, AquaCera has a complete line of water filters.  Whether you want a countertop filter, gravity feed, or inline filtration system, AquaCera has the system you need.  Years of research, to find the most effective means of removing organic and inorganic pollutants from your water assures you that every time you drink a glass of water you can do so safely.

  • AquaCera offers you a convenient way to filter your tap water with their countertop filter systems.  All of AquaCera’s free-standing countertop filters provide complete protection from pathogens and chemical contamination.  The HCP, HCP Twin, and HCS filters all fit onto any standard faucet (they will not work with a pull-out faucet), and a diverter valve allows you to choose filtered water for drinking and cooking and unfiltered water for washing up.
  • Gravity feed filters are the most uncomplicated of AquaCera’s products – you need simply pour water into the top chamber, then wait while the water goes through the filter candles into the lower chamber.  The beauty of a gravity feed filter is that it does not depend upon electricity, so it is excellent for use during an emergency.  For those who are travelling, the MINI Traveler is the perfect choice, and has a capacity of 1 liter in each chamber.  Household needs are best suited by the SS4 or LP5 models which will remove nearly 100% of dangerous pathogens, silt, and chemicals.
  • If your counter space is limited, or the idea of having a water filter in plain view doesn’t appeal to you, one of the AquaCera undersink filters is the answer.  AquaCera undersink filters provide the highest filtration protection, removing bacteria, cysts, protozoans, heavy metals, chemicals, and solvents. The Ecofast under-counter filters offer superior filtration, and if you want fluoride removed from the drinking water, the Aquametix  filter will also remove this potentially dangerous element.

Quality and Durability

Providing safe, clean water to the home is a priority, and AquaCera understands how important it is to equip households with filters that can remove both pathogens and inorganic compounds from drinking water.  There is no need to expose your family to the risk of illness from tap water when AquaCera offers so many excellent options for water filtration.


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