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Bath Filters & De-Chlorinating Bath Tablets

Love taking a hot bath to relax, but tired of dry skin and hair from the chlorine in your bath water? We have a solution for you with a bath filter or vitamin c de-chlorinating bath tablets you can take a hot bath and relax without the side affects of chlorine.

Bath Water Filters

Chlorine is added to most city and town water systems to prevent bacterial illnesses. Without chlorine, it is probable that people in the United States would be seeing widespread outbreaks of cholera, typhoid fever, and salmonella. Although chlorine is needed, it is also nearly as destructive to the human body as it is to microorganisms, and has now been linked to a number of health problems.

One of the first ways chlorine makes its presence known is by causing dry, brittle hair and dry skin. Eczema can result from bathing in chlorinated water. The fumes from chlorine released into your bathroom from your tub or shower are also dangerous. Once released from bath, aqueous chlorine becomes chlorine gas. Chlorine in the bath water delivers poison both through your skin and by being taken into the lungs.

Although you may think of your skin as being a fairly good barrier against most substances, the truth of the matter is that the skin is capable of a high degree of absorption. Skin only blocks molecules of a fairly large size smaller ones are admitted and can enter the bloodstream. The ability of chlorine to be absorbed through the skin is increased when taking a hot bath, as the pores open up more.

Filtering your drinking water is an excellent way to prevent chlorine poisoning of your family, but providing countertop or undersink filters is not enough, you need protection in the bath, too. The problem is that chlorine-removing filters that are used for tap water are unable to handle the hot temperatures and high pressure that the bath faucet will supply. However, the problem of chlorine absorption from bath water can be solved by using a bath water filter.

Health problems can be prevented when bathing if a bath water filter is used. Ordinary filter media, such as ceramic, and membranes are not designed to remove chlorine, but a filter has been designed that will take chlorine out of your bath water the KDF bath water filter. A KDF filter uses a combination of copper and zinc to extract not only chlorine, but also heavy metals such as mercury and lead from the water. This will be an especially important consideration when there are young children in the household.

KDF media work by electrochemically switching electrons with the undesirable elements in the water. As the electrons of the copper-zinc filter go back and forth with chlorine electrons, the chlorine is broken down into harmless chloride. The same principle works with heavy metals. KDF also takes hydrogen sulfide out of the water, which will negate any rotten-eggy odor that may have been present in the bath.

Bath water filters are used in one of two ways the filter can simply be hung from the tub faucet, which will allow the water to pass through it on the way to the tub. If the faucet is designed in such a way to prevent the filter from being hung, it can simply be swished about in the bath water for 2 to 3 minutes.

Bath water filters will generally need replacement in 6 to 12 months, depending upon manufacturer. These filters are an excellent way to reduce the chances that you or your family will be adversely affected by chlorine in the bath water.

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