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Ceramic Water Filters

Ceramic Water Filters are an excellent choice if you want to protect yourself from bacteria. How does the ceramic filter out bacteria? The ceramic filters have very small pores that the water flows through and the bacteria can not flow through the pores as the bacteria are larger than the pores of the ceramic.

We also offer
reverse osmosis systems that will remove bacteria in your water. We do recommend you get one with a UF membrane or an ultraviolet sterilizer on it because some bacteria have been known to make it through the ro membrane. We also have ultraviolet sterilizers that hook into your water line to kill bacteria.

Crystal Quest Single Ceramic Countertop Water Filter
Crystal Quest Double 7 Stage Ceramic Countertop Water Filter
Crystal Quest Triple 8 Stage Ceramic Countertop Water Filter
Crystal Quest Single Ceramic  Undersink  Water Filter
Crystal Quest  Double 7 Stage Under Sink Ceramic Water Filter
Crystal Quest Triple 8 Stage Undersink Ceramic Water Filter
Aquacera Fluoride Plus Countertop Water Filter
Aquacera Twin Countertop Fluoride Plus Water Filter System
Aquacera HCP Countertop Water Filter with Ceraultra Filter
Aquacera NilusOne Undersink Water Filter (Fluoride Option)
Aquacera AquaVas™ Stoneware Gravity Filter System (Fluoride Reduction)
Aquacera LP5 Gravity Water Filter With Fluoride Option
Aquacera Pioneer SS-4 Gravity Water Filter with Fluoride Option
Aquacera Excursion Mini Traveler Water Filter
Propur Traveler Gravity Filter with 1 ProOne G2.0 5” Filter Element
Propur Big Gravity Water Filter with 2 G2.0 7" Filter Elements
Propur Nomad Gravity Water Filter with Fluoride Plus Filters

Time to ‘Go Green’ With Ceramic Water Filters

Bring Home the Most Eco-Friendly Water Filtration System

Ceramic water filters are one of the oldest used systems for water purification and are definitely very affordable too. The technology may be old but still achieves considerable success and is also environment friendly. Ceramic water filters have been in use for many years and have been a part of both industrial and residential settings. Nowadays, filter systems featuring ceramic are available as portable water filters that can be used as over the counter or under-sink installations. As ceramic is a natural material, you need not worry about any health hazards with the use of ceramic water filters.

The reason why ceramic is so effective as a filter medium is its natural composition. Ceramic is composed of diatom earth which contains a large number of pores. The high porosity of diatom earth guarantees removal of impurities and other particulate matter in water. When water passes through ceramic water filters, chemicals, microbes, sediment, silt and other particles get trapped in the pores and clear water is allowed to pass through. The size of the pores contained in ceramic determines the efficiency of filtration as it influences the type of water contaminants that can be effectively removed.

Normally, water supply to your home may contain a wide range of impurities ranging from chlorine, chlorine treatment by-products, organic and inorganic chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and microorganisms. An ideal filter system is one that provides better protection against all of these mentioned impurities.

The ceramic water filters often combine ceramic with other filter mediums to provide a broader range of protection. Water contaminants that are effectively removed by ceramic water filters include microorganisms (bacteria such as Salmonella, Streptococcus, Fecal coli form, E-coli and cysts including giardia and Cryptosporidium) that are a big threat to your health. These filter systems do not have a significant impact on organic chemicals, pesticides and chlorine, therefore, commonly feature carbon cartridges as a support system. Ceramic is however effective in removing sediment, dirt and silt but these are not as harmful as volatile chemicals (VOCs) and water treatment by-products of chlorine which need activated carbon for removal.

Another filtration technology that is commonly used with ceramic water filters is the ‘ion exchange’ (resins). This is particularly useful in trapping heavy metals that may escape ceramic and activated carbon. Ceramic water filters feature activated carbon and granular carbon filter cartridges in addition to ceramic cartridges for the reduction of specific pollutants such as arsenic, MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether), nitrates and VOCs.

A few models of ceramic water filters are treated with colloidal solution of silver. Silver is antimicrobial in nature and helps removing disease causing microorganisms which may be present in water. The water coming out of the filter is healthy and safe for drinking.

The use of ceramic water filters is often the preferred choice for most homeowners as these filters are inexpensive and easy to use. They cause no compromise to the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings they are installed and require minimum maintenance. These filter system are compact and lightweight therefore can be used in any setting.

The ceramic water filters are quick and easy to install within minutes. You can hook up the system to your kitchen faucet and enjoy pure and healthy water. You don’t need to change your plumbing settings or use specialized tools for the task. The countertop installations are extremely attractive and compact. These systems are a perfect solution if you have space constraints and cannot use large water filter systems. You have the access to divert your faucet flow from filtered water to unfiltered water using a simple switch.

You can clean ceramic filter cartridges once every month to remove the top layer which accumulates bacteria and other microbial growth. Normally, your filter cartridges show optimal performance for six to twelve months after which you need to get them replaced. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s instructions for filter cartridges to help them show optimal performance for long.

When selecting a ceramic water filter system, opt for one that reduces the maximum amount of contaminants from drinking water. Most systems in the market feature multiple stages of filtration to give you the best tasting and purest water. Your drinking water will be free of hundreds of impurities, microbes and chemicals that are known to cause serious health hazards.

If you are looking for a filter that gives you purified water in the most eco-friendly manner then you should definitely get a ceramic water filter.

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