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Aquacera Teros Countertop Ultra-Filtration Water Filter System (Reduces Fluoride)
Pelican Countertop Drinking Water Filter
Crystal Quest Single 6 Stage Countertop Water Filter
Crystal Quest Double 7 Stage Countertop Water Filter
Crystal Quest 8 Stage Countertop Water Fiter
Crystal Quest Disposable Countertop Water Filter
10 Stage Countertop Water Filter by New Wave Enviro
Aquacera HCP Countertop Water Filter with Ceraultra Filter
Aquacera AquaVas™ Stoneware Gravity Filter System (Fluoride Reduction)
Aquacera LP5 Gravity Water Filter With Fluoride Option
Aquacera Pioneer SS-4 Gravity Water Filter with Fluoride Option
Aquacera Excursion Mini Traveler Water Filter
Propur Countertop System with Promax Fluoride Filter
Propur Big Gravity Water Filter with 2 G2.0 7" Filter Elements
Propur Traveler Gravity Filter with 1 ProOne G2.0 5” Filter Element
Propur Nomad Gravity Water Filter with Fluoride Plus Filters

Give Yourself a Chance to Have Control Over Water Purification with a System Placed Right Next To Your Kitchen Sink!

Countertop filters are popular among homeowners to fulfill the requirements of pure and clean water in the kitchen. These filters offer considerable convenience and advantages and you can get clean and healthy water from your kitchen faucet. When you decide to get a countertop filter, you don’t need to worry much if you have space constraints on your kitchen counter.

Unlike other huge water filter units, these systems can be fitted easily to your kitchen faucet and require minimum space. The installations do not require plumbing changes and you can proceed with the process on your own without the need of specialized tools. You will no longer have cluttered space but a stylish and aesthetic filter that makes your kitchen looks neat and tidy.

Countertop filters feature single units and are also available in double and triple filter units. You can choose a system that suits your style. A majority of the filters contain carbon cartridges which are easily replaceable to make sure you get a healthy water supply for long. The countertop filters are easy to install and maintain. You get clean and healthy water with a gentle push of a button.

You get tremendous advantages with the use of a countertop filter. The efficient filter system removes a number of contaminants from drinking water including chlorine, chlorine treatment by-products, heavy metals such as lead, chemicals such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ethers) ,THMs (Tetra Halomethanes), cysts and giardia to make your water healthier and taste better.

The installation of these filters completes within minutes and the system is very easy to maintain. Filter media or cartridges contained in the filter system need to be replaced when the manufacturers filtering capacity has been used up. As the countertop filters provide clean water directly from the tap, you don’t have to worry about accidental spills on your kitchen counter.

Typically the water supply coming to your home contains concentrated chlorine and related by-products of water treatment procedures. Sometimes the water appears to be cloudy and may be accompanied with fine particles or sediments which appear suspended in your glass when you fill it with unfiltered tap water. The water supply may also be contaminated with synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and other industrial effluents which are extremely hazardous for your health.

Most countertop filter systems use multiple cartridges to provide you with better protection against the harmful contaminants. These systems utilize activated carbon filters which trap many unwanted particles, sediments, particles and other impurities thus improving the water’s taste, smell and appearance while making it cleaner and healthier for use.

Some advanced countertop filter systems utilize ion exchange resins and micro-pore filters to trap heavy metals and microbial contamination in water. If you are a concerned homeowner, you just cannot take tap water in your kitchen for granted. You may use bottled water for drinking but imagine the contamination in your meals, dishes, glassware, fruits and vegetables that are all exposed to unfiltered water. Remember, the water may look clear but can be extremely unclean. There are contaminants which can damage your health but produce no significant changes in taste, smell, and appearance of water. You may remain unaware of their presence but your health is at risk. The use of countertop filters gives you a chance to put away these hidden dangers for good.

Carbon filter cartridges perform their function of water purification by the process of adsorption. The chemicals and contaminants stick or bond to the surface of the activated carbon cartridges, thereby removing impurities. This leaves you with water that tastes and smells great and is also good for your health.

Countertop filters may combine different filter mediums to purify drinking water from a wide range of contaminants. Having a fine porous filter gives the advantage of better removal of microbial growth and cysts that cause stomach upsets. The effectiveness of the system is related to the number of filter media present. In general, the more number of filters, the better will be the protection as water needs to go through additional filters which will remove even the finest particles.

You should replace the filter cartridges in the countertop filters as directed by the manufacturer to make sure your filter provides optimal performance for long. The process of cartridge replacement is simple and you can do it on your own. You should clean your filters (i.e. run water) for at least two to three minutes after every replacement to wash off extra carbon particles. You can enjoy crystal clear water in your kitchen at all times with a countertop filter in place.

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