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Fluoride (F-) is a common constituent of many minerals. Municipal water treatment plants commonly add fluoride to the water for prevention of tooth decay, and they try to maintain a level of 1.5 - 2.5 mg/l. Concentrations above 5 mg/l are detrimental to tooth structure. High concentrations are contained in waste water from the manufacture of glass and steel, as well as from foundry operations. Organic fluorine is present in vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Inorganic fluorine, under the name of sodium fluoride, is a waste product of aluminum and is used in some rat poisons. The MCL established for drinking water by the US EPA is 4 mg/l.

Get Hold of a Friendly Tool to Remove Fluoride from Tap Water

You may be surprised to know that excess fluoride in water is extremely harmful for your health. This is a contradictory statement to what you normally get to hear. Fluoride has long been known to improve dental health and was considered very important especially for growing children but studies show different facts and figures.

Excessive consumption of fluoride leads to a condition called as dental fluorosis, which is characterized by discolored or blackened teeth and is more often seen in individuals who were exposed to high concentration of fluorides when their teeth were developing, i.e. during early years. The signs of dental fluorosis are not obvious in adults but you should carefully monitor your intake of fluoride to stay safe.

fluoride filters for water purification will make sure your water is safe for consumption as they clear all toxic chemicals and impurities from tap water.

Surprisingly, excess concentration of fluorides in your body is not only harmful for your dental health but also affects your joints and muscles. Having fluoride water filters in place will help you prevent skeletal fluorosis, a condition characterized by headache, joint pain and muscle weakness.

Excessive fluorides are harmful for your body but are even more dangerous because of the two important facts. First, fluoride does not cause apparent changes in color, taste or smell of tap water so you may not be aware of the excessive concentration you may be consuming. Second, fluoride can not be removed by boiling or simple filtration procedures, instead it gets concentrated when you boil water. If you want to prevent toxic accumulations of fluoride in your body, you can take the help of an efficient fluoride filter.

You may be aware of the notorious chemicals and contaminants that are found in tap water and you have no other choice than to filter water before use to stay healthy. The best way to deal with impurities and other contamination is to have a fluoride filter system at your place. Not only does it get rid of the toxic fluoride, but also reduces heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic and lead along with chlorine, VOCs and a number of other contaminants.

The more advanced fluoride water filters have multiple stages of filtration and the technology may differ with each manufacturer. Typically, these filters contain carbon filters to clear water of sediments, particulate matter, chlorine, chlorine treatment by-products and other chemical impurities and also feature special filter media to reduce the fluoride content in water. You are then left with water that not only tastes well but is also pure and healthy.

Fluoride water filters for water purification are available in a fluoride undersink water filters and countertop filters so you can choose a style that suits your needs. Each installation system comes with everything you need to neatly fix your system in place. You can either proceed with the installations yourself or seek professional help. The undersink fluoride water filters are preferred by homeowners who don’t have enough space on their kitchen counters or don’t want their filter system to be visible. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure your fluoride filter shows optimal performance and for this you should replace the filter cartridges annually.

Fluoride content in water cannot be filtered by every filter media, therefore, the right filter medium should be selected for the task. Activated alumina is the most common filter media employed in fluoride water filters and consists of aluminum oxide. This substance has a lot of tiny pores on its surface, which means high concentrations of fluoride are eliminated when water passes through this filter cartridge. Fluoride content normally reduces by 90% to 95%, which means you have healthy ‘fluoride free’ water for a year with the use of an efficient fluoride filter.

Activated alumina is a strong adsorbent and does not add anything obnoxious or harmful to the water after treatment. Fluoride water filters with activated alumina are very popular among homeowners and feature a number of other filter media such as activated carbon and ion exchange resins for improved filtration. These combinations are made to help improve performance of activated alumina as it is only effective in removing fluoride and arsenic content from water. Fluoride water filters that use activated alumina alone may not give you the desired results as it does virtually nothing to improve the taste of water or remove harmful chemical contaminants like VOCs and pesticides.

Most fluoride water filters available on the market today combine a number of cartridges to make sure you get the most purified and best tasting water. Buying fluoride water filters is beneficial for many reasons and you should get one too!

Fluoride Water Filters & Baby Formula

There has been a great deal of discussion in recent years over whether tap water is safe to use for infant formula. Many women choose to use formula instead of nursing, and many women who do breast feed do so for only a very short period of time. Infants need milk or formula for at least the first 6 months of their lives, so making sure that the nourishment provided is safe is of the utmost importance. 

Babies are still developing at a very fast rate during the first 6 months and also have a fairly weak immune system. Growing systems, especially the neurological, require safe nutrient and now it appears that a good part of the tap water provided in the United States is anything but safe for the preparation of infant formula.

Fluoride has been controversial since it began to be put into drinking water in the 1940s. By the 1970s, most water systems in the U.S. had fluoride added to it, whether those who drank the water wanted it or not. The fluoride that is put into water is actually a waste product of fertilizer manufacture – adding it to the water is simply a way to get paid for garbage.

Not Good for Babies (or anyone else)

Touted as a way to prevent cavities, fluoride was not only put into tap water, but also into toothpaste. Most European countries have stopped adding fluoride to water and the incidence of dental caries has not gone up; which leaves us with the question of why this poison is being put into our water supply.

  • The ADA (American Dental Association) now suggests that infant formula be mixed with fluoride-free water. The reason for this is that fluoride can actually eat away at teeth, and the earlier this is made available to the infant, the more likely it will be for problems to start.
  • As fluoride eats away at teeth, it has the same effect on bones. Fluoride can actually eat away at bone tissue, leading to osteoporosis or even bone cancer.
  • Fluoride use has been associated with lowering the IQ by a factor of 5 to 10 points in the United States. These effects are most noticeable when fluoride was consumed when the child was very young. 
  • An increased incidence of people with abnormal thyroid function is seen in populations that drink fluoridated water.

Keep in mind that the effects of fluoride will accumulate over the years, although the still developing bodies of babies and young children will be the most susceptible.

Making Your Drinking Water Safe

Fluoride has no taste, no color, and no odor, so unless you are absolutely sure that your water supply contains no fluoride, assume that it does – unless you have a private well. Approximately 75% of the people in the United States drink fluoridated water. Boiling or bleaching will not remove fluoride, the only way to get it out of your water so that you can prepare baby formula safely is to filter it out. You cannot depend upon bottled water to be safe, either, not only are there no regulations concerning the purity of this water, but much of it comes from municipal water systems.

Fluoride water filters are available that will attach to your kitchen or bathroom faucet. These filters generally make use of synthetic aluminum oxide (activated alumina) to trap fluoride in the filter before it can be put into a formula mix. Crystal Quest, Berkey, Seychelle and Aquacera, make excellent filters that will reduce fluoride from the water. Filters are also available that will provide you with ice water from the refrigerator that is likewise safe for anyone in the family to drink.

Protecting the youngest member of the family, and everyone in the family, from the dangers to health that fluoride poses is easy with modern fluoride water filters.

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