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Seychelle 28oz Standard Flip Top Water Filter Bottle

Seychelle 28oz Standard Flip Top Water Filter Bottle
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For times when you are away from a source of running water, the Seychelle 28oz Standard Flip Top Water Bottle provides a way to remove many contaminants from drinking water in a portable, easy to carry format. Hiking, bicycling, camping, walking, rock climbing, and travel are all situations that this filter is ideally suited to. Furthermore, it can be used as an emergency water filter for occasions when power and water pressure fail.
The Seychelle 28oz water bottle is easily portable both thanks to its size and due to the fact that it comes with strap. This strap is designed to be attached to either a backpack or belt for hands-free, convenient carrying.

Water sources and drinking
This bottle water filter can be filled from a variety of water sources, such as tap water, rainwater, streams, rivers, and lakes. It cannot filter salt water such as that from the ocean or certain estuarine areas of rivers (close to the sea). The filter bottle should not be filled from turbid or stagnant water, either.
The bottle is filled from the top, with the cap screwing off for filling and screwing on again to create a seal for filtration. The water that emerges is clean, tastes good, and is safe to drink. As a special bonus feature, the bottle is designed so that you can drink from it while it is at 45 below your mouth, thus allowing you to drink without spilling any water.

Features and effectiveness of the Seychelle 28oz Standard Flip Top Water Bottle

This portable, hand-held filter is a true best seller among our filter bottles, and with the following features, it's not surprising that this is the case:

  • Removes unpleasant tastes and odors, plus grit, silt, chlorine, dirt, and other debris.
  • Cleans 99% of VOCs such as herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers out of water, plus other chemicals like detergents and solvents.
  • Absorbs and removes heavy metals, including chromium 6, lead, mercury, copper, nickel, asbestos, aluminum, and so forth.
  • Reduces 85% of fluoride
  • Removes microorganisms like Giardia and cryptosporidium cysts, protozoans, and so on.
  • Filter cartridge is replaceable; cleans 100 gallons before replacement is needed.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Made from FDA-approved low-density polyethylene plastic which contains no BPA and will not leach toxins into your drinking water.
  • Independently tested, certified to meet EPA/ANSI protocols and NSF Standards 42 and 53.
  • High-quality, long-lasting, lightweight, and convenient.

Filtering capacity:

100 Gal

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