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Undersink Water Filters

If you are looking for a undersink to hook to your bathroom or kitchen that does not need a separate faucet, the Aquacera EF300 for the bathroom and the EF500 for the kitchen is just what you need. They connect to your cold water line and then to your main existing faucet. No need to drill holes in your countertop and they hookup without permanent alterations to your plumbing. You can find them below

If you are looking for a filtration system that is both effective as well as aesthetically pleasing, undersink water filters are what you should opt for. It gives you the freedom to keep your kitchen neat and spacious, without a huge filter obstructing the décor of your kitchen. In addition, the fact that the undersink water filters can be kept out of your line of vision, allows you to invest in a larger and bulkier filter that can provide you with more drinking water. Such filters having a bulky exterior come with added installations which can purify fluorides, nitrates and arsenic from the water.

Safe water from your undersink water filter

The water that reaches your home is often infested with contaminants that can harm your family. Even if you do not use the water that runs through your faucet for direct drinking purposes, still the fact that you use the water for cooking and washing your dishes may cause harm to your family’s health. This is where the undersink filters come in handy as the filter allows pure drinking water to run directly from its own faucet. Investing in something that shall keep your family safe is indeed money well spent.

How are they installed?

No one likes a system that involves too much hassle to install and too repair. These filters shall cause you no worry in this regard. You can install the system easily under your kitchen sink and rest back to enjoy pure drinking water running through your faucet. They screw to the valve below the sink where the water passes through it before getting to the tap. The filters purify the water directly running through the supply line even before it reaches your kitchen faucet. This allows you to have clean water that you can use not only for drinking purposes, but also for cooking meals and other related works.

To ensure that the filters are providing you with clean water, you need to keep a tab of how long you have been using a particular cartage. They are a good option for older households where the old plumbing might cause the water to get contaminated and taste bad. Thus, in cases like these, instead of getting your plumbing re-done, you could simply invest in one of the undersink water filters.

Things to keep in mind while buying undersink filters

While investing in water filters just remember to keep a few basic things in mind, so that you can choose the best:

· Make sure that the filter has the correct media in them to remove the contaminants you need to remove. Like lead, fluoride, arsenic.

· You must particularly enquire whether the filter you are opting for removes impurities like chlorine, lead, cysts, THMs, VOCs, lindane, alachlor, atrizine, benzene and MTBE.

· Good undersink water filters do not drain natural minerals dissolved in the supply water since these provide distinct health benefits. Thus, invest in one that keeps the useful minerals in your water intact.

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