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Do You Want Filtered Water On the Go?

Treat Yourself with Water Filter Bottles

If you want to dramatically reduce the amount of health threatening contaminants in your drinking water, you should get hold of portable and convenient water filter bottles. These bottles are specifically designed to filter water from any source such as a lake, pond and the regular water supply. You should put water filter bottles on top of your list when travelling as this handy equipment will take good care of your health and give you safe and pure water at all times.

You donít need any special equipment to make portable water filter bottles work. This light weight and compact water system is powerful enough to provide you with clean and healthy water every time you squeeze it. These bottles are convenient to use, anywhere anytime. You are no longer threatened to from water borne diseases or face sickness drinking substandard water when out for camping or travelling abroad.

The power packed filtration system placed in water filter bottles is reliable and efficient to reduce all types of contamination in water. You will no longer face common water issues such as unpleasant smell and strange taste.

Hazardous chemicals including organic substances, pesticides and detergents are removed from your drinking water by a potent low density polyethylene water filter system. Not only are industrial chemicals and other synthetic substances successfully removed from your drinking water, but water filter bottles also give you protection against a number of microbiological contaminants including E-coli, Giardi, fungal spores, cysts and other potential microbes capable of harming your health.

Your light weight water filter bottles are also effective to shield you against harmful metallic content such as lead, copper, mercury, aluminum, cadmium and chromium which can be found in polluted and unclean water. If you are in an area where you suspect the water to contain chemicals, heavy metals, bacterial pathogens or other harmful contaminants, there is no better choice than the use of these water filter bottles to protect yourself and your family.

Carrying a water filter along with you is neither practical nor extremely troublesome. Heavy water filtration equipment cannot be brought along due to space constraints. All your issues are addressed by water filter bottles which have an inbuilt filter system and require no pumping, waiting or additional installation.

The filter system built in these water bottles works on the mechanism of adsorption. When you squeeze or press your bottle, water is forced through the filter system which contains carbon. During movement, the carbon based filter system attracts and holds back all contaminants and chemicals. It allows only clean and pure water to reach you. All harmful substances are trapped in the tiny pores on the filterís surface and are not allowed to re-enter your drinking water. This filter process is quick and continues as long as you squeeze the bottle to sip water.

The adsorbing filter media in water filter bottles eliminates cloudiness and awful sediments in water which are responsible for producing an obnoxious smell, taste and unusual appearance of water.

If you are stuck in an area where water might contain extreme contamination by virus or bacterial pathogens, it is advised that you add one or two drops of chlorine bleach or iodine to your water bottle. This will disinfect the water, making it extra pure. You need not worry about the bleach or iodine as it will not be allowed to pass through the tiny pores in the filter. You can unscrew your water filter bottles anytime to sip clear and fresh water.

You need to follow certain instructions before using these bottles for the first time. Although the filter systems in your water filter bottles are pre flushed and made clean, but it is advised that you repeat the flushing process before you use your bottle for drinking, the very first time. All you need to do is fill your bottle with water, screw the cap securely and then squeeze out water. You should repeat this process preferably twice to make the filter system clean and ready to use.

When you donít plan to use your water filter bottles for a long time, you should flush the filter system with chlorine and allow it to dry overnight. The advisable amount of chlorine to be used for flushing is ľ teaspoon per half gallon or 64 ounces. You can place the filter back in the bottle and keep it in a secure place.

If you want your water filter bottles to work in the best condition for long, donít fill it with boiling or extremely hot water. The bottles should not be used to filter sea water and the filter system should not be passed through a dishwasher. These water bottles are designed to make your water taste even better so make sure you enjoy safe water using water filter bottles.

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