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Water Filters versus Water Bottles

The popularity of bottled water has surged over the past decade or so due to a variety of reasons.  While bottled water offers you the convenience of being able to grab a bottle and go, there are many downsides to this as well.  Firstly, the cost factor is a major issue as it can become a very expensive habit especially if you buy multiple bottles in one day.  Secondly, when you buy these bottles that is more plastic that is used, which is definitely not a good thing, environmentally speaking.  There is also the fact that many of the bottled waters you buy are sourced from public drinking water supplies, so the quality is similar to what you would get out of the tap.  One of the best alternatives to buying bottled water is to look at the many advantages of water filters for drinking water.  These are available in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and configurations.  There are drinking water filter system models that hook onto the faucet in your sink to provide you with pure water, while there are portable water filters for tap water that fit into a small bottle you can easily carry around.

At qualitywaterfilters4you.com you can choose everything from units that are installed underneath of your kitchen sink to portable water filtration straws that will filter your water as you drink through the straw.  There are many different options to choose from when it comes to water filtration for drinking water and you will want to compare the available models to find the one that is right for you. 

If you are at home a lot of the time you will obviously want to choose a model that is installed at your kitchen sink and can provide you with endless amounts of clean drinking water.  There are even many models available in stylish finishes to match your existing décor, such as the stainless steel model made by Crystal Quest.  This is one of the best water filters for drinking water and it is available at a very competitive price.  The Crystal Quest 8 stage model features extensive filtration elements that will filter out just about any type of contaminant you can imagine.  This unit contains multiple high quality water filter cartridges for drinking water that will end up tasting as clean and pure as the cleanest spring water. 

House Water Filters versus Store-Bought Water Bottles

It’s no secret that consumers prefer clean, safe drinking water. Many people correctly believe that their tap water does not provide them with the purest water possible. In the end, making the effort to consistently increase the quality of water we consume leaves us with two options: we can buy bottled water at the store, or we can install a whole house water filter system. For those faced with this decision, a summary of the facts regarding each option may prove helpful:

The Truth about Bottled Water

Even a small amount of research will show that the hype surrounding the purity of bottled water is just that that – hype. A surprising number of bottled water companies use municipal tap water as the basis for their product; that’s right, the same water that everyone else in that area gets out of their kitchen sink. For some water bottlers, this tap water goes through a secondary filtering session… For the others, it does not – it remains plain old tap water.

The simple reason bottled water companies can get away with pouring tap water in a bottle and calling it pure is that FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations that govern bottled water only apply if the product is transported over state lines. Also, these regulations only require bottled water to "as good as" tap water; there is no regulation that requires bottled water to be "better" than tap water.

Several sources report that some 60 to 70% of bottled water companies only market their products in their home state so they can avoid the FDA purity standards. In one report, the U.S. FDA said: "Companies that promote bottled water as being safer than tap water are defrauding the American public."

And to top it all off, bottled water is terribly expensive – sometimes more expensive than soda or even beer. Some bottled water products can run as much as $4 per individual serving-size bottle, and it’s not uncommon to pay as much as $15 to $18 per gallon when purchased in these smaller, individual-sized servings.

If bottled water is so expensive, and it’s not any better than tap water, why on Earth are so many people drinking it?

The Truth about House Water Filters

Good quality Point-of-Use (POU) water filters – such as a shower water filter or an under the sink water filter can produce hundreds of gallons of clean, safe water on demand - and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a similar amount of bottled water.

Quality whole house water filter systems effectively remove nearly all water contaminants that pollute tap water, including: chlorine, lead, microbes, silt, fluoride and much more. A whole house water filter will not only produce much cleaner, safer drinking water for the whole family, it allows you to shower, bathe, shave, or even fill your hot tub with pure, unpolluted water, giving you a cleaner, sleeker feel when you step out of the bathroom – and this is something you’ll never get from bottled water.

Put simply, a house water filtration system is preferable in every possible way to purchasing an endless supply of bottled water.

There is also an extensive line of portable water filters for drinking that we offer.  These products are great for anyone who is often on the run and cannot rely on a home based system.  These portable water filters are usually inside of a conveniently sized bottle that is easy to carry around everywhere you go.  This way you can fill up your bottle anywhere and not worry about the water quality as the filtration unit will provide you with pure water every time you fill it up.  One of the best portable water filters for drinking water is the Seychelle Flip Top Water Bottle with replaceable filter.

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