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Instapure Faucet Mount Water Filters

Instapure Faucet Mount Water Filters

Instapure was the first ever tap filter system, invented in 1975. Since then, innovation of Instapure filters has led the industry. Our first carbon based filter provides essential reduction of chlorine, while improving taste and reducing offensive odors.

For more advanced filtration, Instapure incorporated carbon block filters that remove 99.99% of microbial cysts including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The newest Instapure technology contains a sophisticated carbon block with maximum reduction of more than 50 contaminants - unsurpassed in the water filtration market.

With over 30 years of innovation in water filtration and a broad international patent portfolio, the company is a leading member of the water community that includes NSF and Water Quality Association.

Instapure Faucet Mount Water Filters
If you have become concerned over the possible contamination of your tap water and the effects it could be having on you and your family, perhaps it’s time to install an Instapure Faucet Mount Water Filter.  Many municipal water systems have problems with old pipes leaking pollutants into the water supply.  These can include lead, arsenic, pesticides, and asbestos.  These are elements you definitely do not want inside your body.
Additionally, the presence of chlorine, while necessary to remove bacteria and viruses, can be harmful to health in itself.  Chlorine ingestion, either through the skin, mouth, or lungs, has been linked to eczema, asthma, and the depletion of beneficial bacteria in the gastro system. 
If these health problems are a concern to you, turn to Instapure for an easy and quick solution to the problem.   Instapure faucet filters are an economical way to clean your water.

  • For those who only want chlorine removed from their drinking and cooking water, and an improved taste, Instapure’s F2 Essentials faucet water filter is a good choice.  The most cost effective of the company’s models, this faucet filter is easy to install and will remove approximately 92% of chlorine, providing you with water that tastes good.  This filter will not remove cysts.  A diverter valve allows you to choose between filtered and unfiltered water, which will extend the life of the filter cartridge.   The Essential provides a flow rate of ¾ gallons per minute.
  • A step up in filtration is the F5 Complete, which not only removes sediment, sand, and chlorine, but also takes out lead and cysts that can cause health problems.  Like the F2, the F5 allows you to use either filtered or regular tap water, and it does not remove fluoride from the water, either.  This filter will deliver nearly half a gallon of water per minute.
  • If you require heavier filtration than that is provided by either of the above, look to Instapure’s F8 Ultra faucet filter.  Besides removing everything that the Complete and Essential filters do, the Ultra also takes the taste and color of rust out of the water, pollutants from farm and feedlot runoff, and heavy metals.  Knowing that your family is safe from lead, arsenic, and mercury makes this filter a necessity for any home with children.   Filtered or unfiltered water is available through the diverter valve.  This filter delivers a bit over half a gallon a minute.

All Instapure faucet filters are available in either white or chrome, and add a modern touch to the kitchen or bath.  These filters operate between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the filter elements should be replaced every 3 months.

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